Things to Do in Moreno Valley

The Sunnymead/Moreno region offers plenty of recreation and things to do, whether you want to spend money to find some fun or keep that cash for Christmas gifts instead, we’ve got something that’ll entertain you. Below is a list of just a few things you can find to do while visiting the Moreno Valley region.

1. The weather here is great, enjoy a day flying a quadcopter with camera capabilities!

Quadcopters (or better known as ‘drones’) have become an increasingly common sight at beaches, fields, or large parking lots. They give you the ability to put eyes in the sky without your feet ever leaving the ground.

Whether you want to buy your own and take it to a local park or would like to rent one from a local vendor like Outdoor Aerials, you can’t beat an afternoon outside in wonderful whether flying a highly advanced aerial device that takes amazing images or video you won’t soon forget.

Parrot Drone QuadCopter

2. Chill out and fire up that grill

There are 30+ parks in the Moreno Valley that you can take advantage of. Bring the kids, bring the dog, bring your best cornhole board, and bring the burgers & hot dogs and enjoy a family filled day playing outdoor games and challenging friends & family to some healthy competition.

This map will show you a list of all the parks in the valley, their amenities, and where they are located. Get off the computer this weekend, play a game of tennis

Things to do in moreno valley

3. Want a faster paced night? Hit the clubs

If the parks aren’t your thing or you’re looking to hit the bars after a day of outdoor recreation, there are a few nightclubs in the valley that will offer you an experience you definitely won’t forget. One of the top clubs on my list I’d recommend checking out is Status Nightclub & Lounge.

Throw on your best dressed attire, round up your crew, grab an Uber and get ready for a night that doesn’t end until the sun comes up. If the fear of a hangover the next day is holding you back try the Never Too Hungover brand for quick recoveries (FYI use code ’20off’ to save some extra cash). It provides an overload of vitamins combating that horrible headache.

nightclubs in sunnymead

4. Take a Hike…or a Dip

Sunnymead is tucked away at the base of Box Springs Mountain Park which offers 15 miles of hiking trails and a nice overlook of the valley. Take your partner, your bike, your dog, or your horse and gain some elevation on this 1,100+ acre park.

Not up for hiking or maybe the weather is too hot, hit up Lake Perris just a short drive from the Sunnymead region. Here you can rent a boat, bring your paddle board, or just cool off. Also if you’re a bird hunter throw your HECS suit on, get your hunting license, grab your shotgun and head out to the designated hunting areas within the park to put some fresh organic quail or pheasant on the table.

Lake Perris

5. Eat Great Good Food

You won’t find a lot of fancy overpriced restaurants in the valley, instead you’ll find a ton of affordable places that have great food. Like Thai, we’ve got it, like Mexican, we’ve got it, use the all-mighty Yelp and get your eat on. Just a few places to consider are below:

  • Louisiana Seafood
  • Tijuana Tacos
  • HOGGS Gourmet Grill
  • Steer ‘N Stein



Again these are just a few of the many things to do in Moreno valley. I’ll also blog some of my adventures and various things I’m doing in the city over on my blog section of this site so catch me there to see what’s going on here!